Road Legal Quad Bikes: The Conversion Process

Quad bikes are also called ATV's and all terrain vehicles or OHV's or off highway vehicles, which needs to be converted to road legal quad bikes before being permitted to run on the streets. They are hobby vehicles that are popular because of the ease in which they can travel over a wide variety of difficult terrains. The vehicle was originally designed for use in agriculture but it has not been designed to handle well on concrete roads. In addition, it does not have the legal requirements that are needed for traveling on a paved street. These are horns, lights and gauges. Because of the lack of these features, it is illegal to drive one on public roads in many jurisdictions. But during the recent years, there are various laws and regulations that were made to make ATV's with the right modifications legal on the streets.

Considerations for the Vehicle

Quad bikes that are legal on the road have varying qualifications in different countries. If you are in the United States, off road safety issues are the only ones that are dealt with by the federal regulations. There is nothing that address street legal issues. As long as the vehicle meets the mandates of federal laws, it is the particular state that has the obligation to specify the requirements that are needed to make a quad bike legal on the road. In the United Kingdom, the Department of Transport is the agency that has the administrative powers for every road legal requirements needed by quad bikes.

Manufacturer Ready Quad Bikes

Most of the major manufacturers producing quad bikes now produce vehicles that qualify with regulatory standards that are mandated on off roads and public roads. However, you should still make a verification on whether the quad bike that is being advertised as as legal on the streets is really legal in your own locality. The state of California for example has emission control standards that are very strict for passenger vehicles. If you are going to drive a quad bike there with a regular engine, you will have to make more modifications in order to make it qualify with the emission control standards that are set in the state.

Off Road to Street Legal Conversion of Quad Bikes

The right gauges and equipments can usually be bought by quad bike owners to convert the off road version to one that is legal on the streets. The materials are usually sold as an entire kit. However, your particular jurisdiction will still determine whether a quad bike will be legal on the roads or not. In the United Kingdom for example, quad bikes can only be used on the streets if the necessary modifications have been made and the application submitted to the Single Vehicle Approval section of the Department of Transport. In the state of California on the other hand, all terrain vehicles that has 3 or 4 wheels, and have been made for off road use cannot be transformed and registered for on road use no matter what equipment or aftermarket conversion kits have been added.