Rock Climbing Gear: The Quickdraw

Rock climbing gear is a very personal choice since it supports not only your personal style of climbing, but your safety as a climber. There are few pieces of equipment which most all climbers use, however, due to their ease and flexibility. The quickdraw is one of them.

What is it?

A quickdraw is a piece of webbing attached together like a small sling. On one end is a straight gate carabiner for attaching to the protection in the rock. The other end is outfitted with a bent gate carabiner for quick and easy clipping in of the rope. The webbing between these two carabiners is then sewn together for added protection. Quickdraws come in a few different sizes to allow for maximum variability.

How is it Used?

Quickdraws provide the climber with added mobility and ease of use around varied terrain. They allow for one end of the protection to be fixed into the rock while the other can freely move about the rope so the climber isn't battling rope friction. This becomes important with ledges, zig-zag climbing patterns, and places where the route is not straight up. Equally important, quickdraws need to be used correctly with both gates are facing the same direction when used.