Rock Driveways: Crushed vs Whole Rock

Because of affordability and ease of installing, a rock driveway is often a favored type of driveway. If you are considering a rock driveway, there are issues you will want to know more about concerning this type of surface. You will find information on these issues below.

Crushed Rock
As a barrier against the growth of grass and weeds, crushed rock rates high. It is also favored because it offers a durable surface, low maintenance, and wide variety of color.

Whole Rock
This type of rock is easily available, but because individual pieces are larger they create a more bumpy feel for those who drive vehicles on this type of surface.

Surface Packing
For a driveway surface that packs down and creates a smoother ride for drivers of vehicles using this type of driveway, whole rocks that are smoother do not pack down as well as crushed rock.

Gravel stones, because they are or irregular sizes and have sharper edges, blend together better and will usually pack down better

Stone Size Factors
Of the two sizes of stones used for driveway surfaces, the ¼" to ¾" works better in driveway applications. It packs down well and creates less dust than the larger 0"  to ¾", but can take long to pack down completely.