Rock Siding Pros and Cons Rock Siding Pros and Cons

Rock siding is a method of outdoor decoration that uses a vinyl sheet molded and colored to look like large cobblestone rocks in place of siding.


The pros of having rock siding installed on your home are that it’s relatively low-maintenance, it’s easy to clean, and it can be made to any specification you can fathom. You can have purple rocks if you want to, or green and yellow ones, natural looking rocks, black rocks, polished or unpolished, whatever suits your taste. Installation is usually quick and easy, and generally you can find this siding in any home improvement store.


While the ease and style of faux rock siding is appealing, it does come with its fair share of problems. The first and foremost of these is that if you ever have insulation or foundation difficulties and need to access certain places to fix them, you will have to replace an entire sheet of siding rather than a few planks as is the case with regular vinyl or aluminum siding planks. You also may not be able to find the same kind of faux rock siding in the store as you had installed, and have to pay for a custom piece—which can get pretty expensive, nevermind the hassle of having to wait for it to be fabricated and sent to your location.

When it comes down to it, the decision to put up or not to put up faux rock siding is entirely up to you and should be determined based on the current state and design of your home.

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