Romantic Decor in the Dining Room Romantic Decor in the Dining Room

The perfect romantic dinner revolves not only around the food, but around the room's decor, as well. Whether making a special dinner for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or just because, creating a romantic mood in the dining room all hinges on the decor. Spend a bit of extra time creating the right romantic feel in the dining room with these simple tips.

The Table

A crisp, linen tablecloth is a great place to start when decorating the dining room. For a romantic decor, consider either a red table cloth or a bright white one. Cloth napkins are also a great addition, because they require more effort than paper napkins. In a romantic setting, the extra effort of table linens translates into a personal and loving touch. Disposable paper products simply do not hold the same charm.

In the center of the table place a votive candle in a candle holder that softly diffuses the light. This soft lighting creates ambiance and mood. An alternate idea is to place a long taper candle in a single holder. A short vase of flowers in the center of the table is also a good, romantic focal point. Choose flowers that are favorites or have special meaning. When placing the flowers, be sure that the vase is low enough that the diners will be able to easily see each other over it. There is nothing that kills a romantic mood faster than having to peek around a tall vase of flowers to see a dining companion.


Be sure to use the "good" plates for a romantic dinner. Fine china and shining silver again speak to the extra effort that the preparer had to extend. Choose pieces that fit well with the meal being prepared. If there is no salad, there is no need to include the salad plate or fork in the table setting. Online resources are available to show the proper way to set a formal table, so take the time to study them for the perfect romantic table. Romantic decor in the dining room begins with the table setting, so do not rush through preparing the table.

The Chairs

Just like the table linens speak volumes about romance and love, the added touches to the dining room chairs can also make quite a romantic impact. Look for chair covers that match the tablecloth and linen napkins, to create a coordinated palette. The simple elegance of chair covers can hide even the most worn or off-colored seating. Also, consider placing comfortable chair cushions on the dining room chairs. A comfortable place to sit will make the meal run smoother and the extra thought of adding cushioning will be very appreciated. Chair covers can be found at most large home decor shops and through many online retailers.

Romance is in the personal touches and the added effort to show someone that they are worth taking the time to prepare for. Setting a romantic mood in the dining room is a wonderful way to show love, express appreciation and let someone know how much they are valued. Effort and a few simple tricks will transform the everyday dining room into a romantic, candlelit setting.

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