Roof Bracket Installation Tips

A roof bracket is used by roofers to give them a level platform to stand on while working on the roof. Two brackets are nailed into the roof and a plank is placed over them. The following tips will help you to install and use the brackets to make your roofing project easier.

Use on One Story

Use roof brackets on a one story roof since they can come loose. Until you have gained some experience using the roof bracket system, you should have a professional roofer do anything above one story.

Nail to the Rafter

All brackets should be nailed into the roof rafter. Use 12 or 16 penny nails and nail them in well. You don’t want them to come loose, taking the shingles and you with them.

Space the Brackets Well

You should install the rafters every six feet. Install the end rafters first, then lay the plank. Then, continue adding the middle rafters.

Avoid Overloading the Plank

When you are putting roofing materials on the plank, be sure not to overload it since the planks also have to hold the roofer and are held in only by nails.

Remove the Brackets Correctly

When it is time to remove the brackets, you will have nails left in the roof. Drive the nails in flush and put roofing cement over them. This will prevent any leaks from developing.