Roof Deicing Cables: Installation Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to protect your shingles and gutter from freezing weather, then you may want to install roof deicing cables. These cables are designed to provide a small amount of heat, which will prevent ice from settling on your roof, and in your gutter. Most people choose to install their roof deicing cables in a wave pattern, in order to ensure that the edge of the roof nearest to the gutter is warm enough to prevent freezing in the pipes.

Purchase Enough Cable

One common problem that people find when installing their roof deicing cables, is that they have not bought enough of the cable to cover the entire roof. Work out the measurements by calculating the height and length of your roof, and how many turns of the cable you wish to use. Different designs use up different amounts of cable, so consider it carefully.

Secure Using Staples

The best way to secure your cable is through the use of roof staples. These can be delivered using a staple gun, but you have to pay close attention to where you place these staples. Line up your gun so that the ends of the staples miss the roof deicing cables, as otherwise you may accidentally pierce holes in your cable.