Roof Moss Removal: Mistakes to Avoid

Roof moss is a yucky and unsightly type of growth that starts to slowly grow on shingles that are hidden with trees and in conditions that promote moisture retention. Roof moss can damage the roofline, the shingles and the gutter system. It can cause back-up and hinder the flow of your rain water runoff system. Below are a few mistakes to avoid in the removal of your roof moss.

Do Not Scrape Hard

Watch how hard you scrape along the surface of your roofline. Be a little light handed when scraping your roof. Do not use a scraper at an angle where you will potentially gouge and damage your shingles. Be careful not to lift up any nails and thereby reduce the effectiveness of your roofing system.

Stay away from the Pressure Washer

Some homeowners think that a pressure washer is the best remedy for all sorts of dirt, grime and junk that accumulates around the home. This is not the tool to use on your roof. It can strip the color, the paint and the finish off your shingles. You will end up replacing patches of your roof.