Roof Ridge Vent Replacement: 3 Tips Roof Ridge Vent Replacement: 3 Tips

The roof ridge vent is a tool for ventilating the attic which attaches to the very top of your roof, and pulls out the hot air which is trapped inside the attic. If your roof ridge vent has become damaged, or is no longer large enough for your needs, you will have to replace it.

1. Begin by Taking off the Cap

You will need to begin by taking off the ridge cap which is nailed to the vent. Use a hammer and crow bar to prise this off, and then take down any shingles that are covering the roof ridge vent. Pull the vent to check that there are no more shingles attached.

2. Take out the Vent

You can then use the crow bar and hammer to pull up the vent. Carefully remove all of the nails which hold the vent into position, and then slide the crow bar under the vent. You may need to use a pair of gloves to hold the vent, as the metal can become sharp through weathering.

3. Add the New Vent

Place felting around the wooden boards, and nail it down. Place the vent into position, ensuring that the flange covers the old opening. Use caulk over the surface of the flange, and then add the shingles around the edge. Place the ridge cap back onto the roof ridge vent.

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