Roof Ridge Vents vs Turtle Vents

When you are installing vents in your home, you may be torn between roof ridge vents and turtle vents. The latter are square vents with rounded corners which is placed at one point in the attic, while the roof ridge vents are fitted over a roof ridge, and are usually much longer.

Turtle Vents

These are installed by drilling a small hole in the roof, and then fitting the vent over this hole. You will then need to add shingles in order to completely waterproof the vent. This can take a lot of work, and you may choose to have someone else do it, rather than attempt this installation yourself. You may find that you have to purchase more than one turtle vent in order to adequately vent your attic. Both of these factors can considerably increase the cost.

Roof Ridge Vents

The roof ridge vents also require shingle being added after the installation, but you only need to remove a small area of the roof ridge, which can mean you could fit the vents yourself. They are also designed to fit in with the surroundings of the roof, until turtle vents, which can stick out a lot. You will also need less roof ridge vents for the attic, saving you money.