Roof Truss Prices: What to Expect

When building or replacing your roof, you will need to look into roof truss prices. While you are determining your truss cost estimate, there will be three things you should keep in mind, a permit fee for building the truss for your roof, material costs and labor costs.

Permit Fees

In some states you, as the homeowner, will need to acquire a roof permit if you are building or replacing your roof. These are fairly easy to obtain, in fact you can usually apply for one on the Internet and receive it back the same day. Though permit fees may vary from state to state, they are generally $25 for a home location or $200 for a business location.

Labor Costs

Labor costs will depend on the company you are hiring, and you should call around to get the best estimate. It may be hard to find a company to install your roof trusses and not your whole roof, but there are some who will charge between $100 to $125 per hour to do it. It would probably be more economical to you to hire a company to do your entire roof, instead of only one step at a time.

Material Costs

When building trusses, you must first calculate how many trusses you will need. First find out how long the top of your roof will be and how wide your roof will be. Then determine how far apart from each other you would like each truss to be, most houses are build with them 18-24 inches apart. Divide the length and width of the house by the amount of inches apart your trusses will be to find out how many trusses you will need.

Depending on how wide and high each truss will be when it is built, most would cost between $50 to $100 each, though this estimate could change with location, wood and other factors.