Roofing 5 - Framing Roofing 5 - Framing

Most Common Mistakes:

  1. Placing the rafter on the wrong side of the layout mark.

  2. Not plumbing the trusses.


  1. Very carefully lift one end of the rafter truss and carry it up the ladder. Rest it upside down next to the end set of metal rafter ties. Then place the other end into position on the opposing wall.

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    Slowly and carefully turn the truss right side up and slide it into place. You may find it helpful to nail a 2" x 4" to the truss as a leverage board to swing the rafter upright and into place.

  2. Nail the rafter tie in place over each X where the rafter will connect with the cap plate.

  3. While one person holds a 4'-8' level against each truss and holds it in position, another person nails a temporary brace to the unit across the sloping top chord.

  4. Continue this procedure until all rafters are up and in place.

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