Roofing 1 - Introduction Roofing 1 - Introduction

These pages detail the building of a roof. Just think of building a roof as being made up of many, small, easily accomplished steps.


As you exercise your do it yourself skills, develop safe work habits and stick to them.

  1. Work patiently. If you become confused, frustrated or in too much of a hurry, chances are greater that mistakes will be made or that accidents will happen.
  2. Read and follow the specific safety rules of every tool and material you will be using.
  3. Unplug tools when changing blades or making adjustments.
  4. Wear heavy soled boots on any construction site; rubber soles when working on the roof; gloves while handling lumber; and protective eyewear whenever power tools are in operation.
  5. Wear ear protection when using power tools as some operate at levels that can damage hearing.

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  7. Tie long hair back so as not to catch it accidentally in power tools.
  8. Keep work surfaces and traffic areas free from scraps and debris.
  9. Select the appropriate tool for the job and keep all tools sharp and in good working condition.
  10. If an object is too heavy or awkward, get assistance in moving it; bend from the knees when picking up large and heavy items.
  11. Hard hats are recommended when working under or around overhead construction.
  12. Use scaffolding when working on high places. The added stress of manipulating heavy and unwieldy tresses and sheathing can cause you to lose your balance. Be careful where you step; move slowly and with caution. Be sure no one is standing below the work unless absolutely necessary.
  13. Be extra careful working around glass - one wrong move can cause serious injury and/or necessitate replacing a costly item.
  14. Use the proper protection, take precautions and plan ahead. Never bypass safety to save money or rush a project.

*Check local building code and permit requirements before beginning work.

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