Room Above the Garage Ceiling: What Ceiling Type Is Best?

If you install insulation and the right type of garage ceiling, you can use the space for storage and help to insulate the lower space in the garage. Consider the following different ceiling options that are best to install on your garage ceiling, especially id there is a room above your garage.


Add insulation and drywall (also known as sheet rock) onto your garage ceiling. The drywall is also made of insulating materials that will help reduce the heat loss and maintain both the heat in the room above the garage and inside the garage. Drywall looks great, can be finished in multiple ways and will last a long time.

OSB or Plywood

Another option for a garage ceiling is OSB or plywood. While this does not have as many insulating factors as sheet rock, it is a good second choice for your garage ceiling. The Plywood is easy to install and lasts a long time. You can paint the drywall to match the interior of your garage and it is durable and strong.