Room Divider: The Inexpensive Way Room Divider: The Inexpensive Way

Adding a room divider to your space does not need to be an expensive project. There are many different ways that you can find a cheap room divider or make one yourself. Try looking at local second hand stores. You might be able to find a divider just as sturdy and eye catching as one you find in a catalog or sales floor.

Choosing Fabric

A fabric room divider is an easy way to keep the budget down. You can assemble them easily or purchase one readymade. The simplicity of the material and frame used make it interesting and functional. You can also design one with a lively pattern that accents your décor.

Recycle Old Furniture

You can utilize items that you already have to act as a room divider.  For instance, if you have book shelf you can place it where you want the division with the books facing the room the shelf was meant for. On the back of the shelf you can paint it the color of the space or decorate it to fit in the space it now divides. If the book shelf is open on both sides then alternate which shelves focus on each room. It will divide the room as well as serve a functional purpose.

By utilizing the items around you or a little bargain hunting you can find the room divider that fits your budget and your style.

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