Root a Clipping of a Red Twig Dogwood

The red twig dogwood tree is a great addition to any landscape. This shrub offers flowers in the spring, berries in the summer and fall, and beautiful bright red twigs and branches in the winter. If you have one red twig dogwood tree, you can easily grow many others from it. These trees often produce seedling suckers on the outer edges that you can remove at the root and transplant to grow new trees.

Transplanting Method

To correctly gather one of the young outer suckers from a mature tree, dig it up at the roots and divide it from the parent plant. When attempting to dig out suckers, you will discover that several suckers that appear above ground will actually be attached to a single root. When removing the suckers, try it to disturb the parent plant as little as possible. Make sure that you select suckers that have fibrous roots at their base.

  1. Once you have located the sucker roots, cut the root as close to the parent root as you can.
  2. Divide the suckers from the main root while ensuring that they all have their own roots. Divide each sucker down by at least half.
  3. Soak the root of the sucker in a rooting hormone.
  4. Plant the suckers in holes filled with a good potting soil.
  5. Water thoroughly.