Root a Jasmine Clipping Root a Jasmine Clipping

Jasmine is a lovely and fragrant plant. It grows quickly and blooms for an extended period during the spring. With a few cuttings you could grow your own without much effort. Here is a brief look at how to root jasmine from a clipping.

Mixing Soil

Jasmine grows in moderate soils, so mix 2 parts of sifted compost for every 1 part ordinary soil. If the resulting mix seems to be excessively dense, mix in a little sand to give it a lighter texture. Young roots on a clipping are already at a disadvantage, and soft fertile soil will help give them the strength to grow.

Preparing the Cutting

A jasmine flower requires a lot of plant energy. The best cuttings will come from a branch that is not adorned with flowers. Clip a piece that measures about 6 inches long, then remove all of the leaves on the lower 4 inches. Keep the soil moist and undisturbed, and your clipping should begin to put on roots in only a few days.

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