Rose Gardening Made Easy Rose Gardening Made Easy

If you are wanting to begin rose gardening, your first goal is to find the perfect location. Roses require a daily does of six hours of sunlight in order to bloom and remain healthy. You should pick up some rose gardening books to learn more about the care of your roses before beginning your rose gardening venture.

Rose gardening requires a bit of planning and preparation before starting. The soil should be well drained and prepared with a quality fertilizer. You can use any soil for your rose gardening, but they prefer chemical fertilizers used in fertile soil.

When to Start Rose Gardening

As soon as the frost has left the ground, you can begin rose gardening. After you have prepared the soil and found the perfect sunny location, and the temperature begins to rise, you can plant your roses.

Rose gardening requires a lot of care. In the summer months you will need to ensure they get enough water, that there is no disease on or near the plants, and that the soil is kept clean.

Rose gardening in the fall consists of pruning the dead canes and little else. When winter gets closer you will need to prepare the roses for the colder months. Place a good covering of mulch around the base of the rose bush to protect from frost. You can use rose cones to cover the smaller plants.

When spring arrives, you will go back to your basic rose gardening, pruning and watering and refreshing the soil.

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