Round Kitchen Sink Styles

Modern designers have a vast range of kitchen sinks to choose from, ranging between traditional square sinks, to the more modern round kitchen sink. If you are planning a kitchen, and want to have a round theme in the room, then a round kitchen sink can really help in avoiding jarring lines or a lack of symmetry. However, round sinks also take a lot more time and effort than normal square sinks, so you will have to look at all of the styles before you choose one to use in your home.

Round Kitchen Sinks

A round kitchen sink can make an interesting side-sink, for example being used for prep, or as a second sink alongside the main bowl. You can find these small versions of the round sink design in ceramic or stainless steel, depending upon the materials being used in the rest of the kitchen. These small sinks are, however, rather impractical for use as your main sink, they might not accommodate all pans, and you may find that plates and dishes don't fit into the hole very well. The best use for a small kitchen sink such as this is for washing vegetables, or maybe for cleaning cutlery and glasses away from the main washing-up sink.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks are probably the most accommodating varieties of round sink, as they tend not to have drainage areas or other metal work which would need them to be flatter against walls. Installing a round undermount kitchen sink could require you to have a large surface space in which to fit your round sink, as you would not be able to fit it into a corner or bend, for example. Consider a round undermount kitchen sink if you want your room to look stylish and highly-designed, but avoid if you are worried about room to move, drainage areas, or fitting it into already molded worktops.

Round Sinks with Drainers

Perhaps the most difficult type of round sink to purchase and use is the round sink with dish drainer. These types of sinks can be purchased online, but they are rather small, more like a prep sink than a standard washing-up sink. You also need to consider the drainage of the area, as the round shape can cause water to flow around the edges, and spill onto the floor. Finding round bowls in which to wash up dishes, to place on the drainer, is also rather difficult, so you may be better off looking for a round sink which does not have a dish drainer, but which can be fitted into a side complete with dish drainage lines and waste disposal.

Fitting a Round Kitchen Sink

As may have become clear, finding a round kitchen sink to install in your home is a different matter from actually being able to use it there. A round sink will jut out further from the wall than a square sink, so you may have to have a larger work surface installed in order to accommodate this. In addition, you will have to have a central place marked out for the sink, as a corner location, or one around a bend, will not work for the round kitchen sink.