Rowenta Steam Iron

With both compact models ideal for travel as well as numerous household units available, each Rowenta steam iron features an innovative design, powerful performance characteristics and comes loaded with features. Rowenta produces 6 distinct household consumer models. They come with an MSRP that ranges from about $65 to $200. While costlier than other home steam irons, with Rowenta one gets quality combined with style. Lightweight, from between 3 pounds, 8 ounces to 4 pounds, Rowenta steam irons come with the latest technology designed to provide great performance that virtually eliminates the chance of error. 

Rowenta Steam Iron Models

This German company offers 6 stylishly unique steam irons. They include:

  • Steamium
  • Advancer
  • Pro Master
  • Focus
  • Effective Cord Reel
  • Effective

In addition, Rowenta produces the First Class travel iron, a dual-element, highly-compact unit that functions in countries that use 120 or 240-volt electricity. The household models incorporate several unique technologies into their design, such as Steam Force and Micro Steam 400. 


The Steam Force technology built into Rowenta steam irons forces 30 percent more wrinkle-fighting steam into all types of fabric. Penetrating fabric fibers deeply, together with the weight of the soleplate and the operator's downward-pushing force, clothing or other materials are smoothed and shaped in the desired manner. Micro Steam 400 technology has to do with the soleplate. Made of high-quality, durable stainless steel and coated with a fine layer of silicone, the soleplate on Rowenta models is both tougher and smoother, providing an exceptional nonstick surface that improves the gliding of the unit over fabric. The innovative surface is also resistant to scratching. 

One-Touch and Safety Controls

Rowenta steam irons feature convenient one-touch, electronic controls that govern many functions. Select the appropriate steam temperature and select the type of fabric for steam ironing. The one-touch feature provides maximum control over the iron while improving the overall ergonomics of each model. In terms of operational safety, all Rowenta steam irons include a 3-way automatic shutoff circuit in their design. When sitting upright, the iron will automatically turn off after 8 minutes of non-use. When either tipped over on its side or laying flat upon a surface, it will shut off after 30 seconds. This helps prevent scorching of fabric, leaking water and reduces the threat of fire. 

Other Features

Rowenta models feature a whole host of other attributes. An anti-calc system helps to reduce the buildup of stain- and clog-causing minerals. The vertical steam function lets one press hanging garments, draperies or other vertical materials. Add a burst of steam with one touch, great for removing exceptionally bothersome wrinkles in clothing. Ergonomic features include a soft grip handle, comfortably shaped and slip free. Likewise, the soft touch rear serves as an anti-skid bumper. Features common to all Rowenta models include a self-cleaning system, electronic temperature controls, an anti-drip system, cool spray mist function and a covered filling inlet port. The irons' water tanks come in clear, blue and grey and range from 8.5 to 13 ounces in capacity. The steam irons use a 1,500- to 1,800-Watt heating element. A single model features a retractable cord reel for added convenience.