Rowenta Travel Iron

The First Class Rowenta travel iron is perfect for use both at home or when on the road, although its compactness and portability make it the exceptional choice when traveling for business or pleasure. Weighing just 1.65 pounds, the First Class folds up to a total length of less than 8 inches. Whether in a suitcase, travel bag or even a purse, the Rowenta travel iron takes up hardly any space at all. 

Technological Characteristics

Rowenta is known for its technologically-innovative steam irons, and the First Class travel iron is no exception. Its Micro Steam all-stainless steel soleplate retains heat far better than other materials, while providing an ultra-smooth glide over fabrics of all types. The First Class units comes with a high precision tip, making it easy to reach normally hard-to-reach areas on garments, such as collars, seams and edges. Since it is designed as a travel iron, this Rowenta model feature dual internal elements, one running at 120 volts and the other at 240 volts. This enables it to be practically anywhere in the world.

More Features

Among the performance features of the First Class are a burst of steam function to de-wrinkle tough fabric, vertical steam for pressing hanging garments, and continuous steam, which improves efficiency and ease of use. Other features include a full-range thermostat, on/off switch and convenient folding handle.