Rubber Paver Patio Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

With proper patio cleaning and maintenance, rubber paver patio can last for a long time. This means you can save a lot of money in the long term with rubber patio pavers. To help keep your rubber pavers in top shape, here are some useful tips.

Sweep the Pavers Regularly

Dirt and debris build-up may damage your rubber pavers, so make sure that you sweep your patio regularly. Check the corners and the sides of the pavers for debris. When sweeping your rubber paver, use a soft tip broom to avoid puncturing holes and scratching the rubber material.

Remove Stains as Needed

To remove stains, slosh soapy water on the pavers and give your pavers a good washing. Do not use acid-based cleaners on your rubber pavers as this will damage the rubber materials. If you must use a pressure washer to clean up heavily soiled pavers, make sure that you set the washer at an appropriate pressure level to avoid causing damage. After washing the pavers, let them dry completely before you let anyone use the patio.

Remove Weeds and Grass in between the Pavers

To protect your pavers, pull out all weeds and grasses that are growing in between them.