Rubber Weatherstripping for Doors Rubber Weatherstripping for Doors

Installing rubber weatherstripping can provide a number of benefits to a homeowner. Weatherstripping around the outside of the door is necessary for several different reasons, including energy efficiency, which leads to savings.

Rubber Weatherstripping

Rubber weatherstripping is a very durable material that goes around the outside of your door. It typically comes in a tube structure that is flexible. To install it, you may have to apply adhesive to the door frame, though ome forms of weatherstripping come with a self-adhesive already applied. Therefore, you may just have to pull off the protective paper and stick the weatherstripping in place.


  • Energy Savings - One of the major benefits of installing rubber weather stripping is that it can save you substantial amounts of energy. Putting this around the outside of the doors will prevent air from the outside from coming in. This will mean that your air conditioner or heater runs less. Therefore, this will result in a lower utility bill for you.
  • Easy Installation - Rubber weatherstripping is one of the easiest materials to install. All you will need is a knife to cut it with. Then just press it into place and you are done.

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