Are Those Plastic Flowers in Your Window Box? Are Those Plastic Flowers in Your Window Box?

Decorative Faux Pas You Love to Hate (Or Hate to Love)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - never was a common saying so apt, especially when it comes to household and garden décor. One home’s plastic cushion covers rivals another’s juicy peach draperies. Of course, we can’t all be Martha Stewart, but the following discussion of decorating faux pas may, at least, force you to pause before you paint your fire place purple or the like.

This one’s a baffler - I am always puzzled (and slightly troubled) by carpeted kitchens and bathrooms. This might have been vogue during the 1970s, but it has never been a practical decorative move. In fact, it is arguable that no room with sinks, faucets, and toilets should be entirely carpeted. It only takes one overflowing toilet to wreck that carpet and create a mildewing mess. (Stick to throw rugs).

Toy Time. Many adults can’t seem to surround themselves with enough bespectacled teddy bears in dresses, dolls all sizes, and various stuffed animals that may greet guests at the front door or peer at guests from the spare bedroom bed. To be tactful - these are not actually decorative effects, though they appear to be used that way. These collections of adult toys might be better confined on a shelf in your private bathroom or, perhaps, in your own bedroom - if you must. For country décor, you might get away with them, but they are not an overriding symbol of elegance by any stretch.

And what about those blooming bouquets of plastic flowers cheerily installed in window boxes and planters? Well, there is truly no substitute for the real things. Consider hardy foliage plants for these features if you have a difficult time with perennials. Or, consider more naturalistic features like rock gardens. Plastic is probably not the greatest choice for garden décor when it comes to furniture or other props like plastic flamingoes either.

What about plastic indoors, such as those plastic cushion covers? Decidedly no. You may think you are protecting that white sofa, but you are, indeed, wrecking its effect, to say nothing of eliminating comfort. Better get a sofa you can truly live with and sit on than force your guests to sit on that creaky plastic concoction.

You have too much good stuff! This can actually become a problem when your rooms become cluttered - even with the best antiques and pieces. If you can’t move somewhere larger to accommodate your items, consider storing some to switch in and out of use annually. A cluttered room can detract from the beauty of the items.

Some other decorating tips you may want to consider:

  • hang pictures at eye level
  • do away with billowing valences
  • choose faux crown molding over wall paper borders
  • use mirrors to make a room appear larger
  • use elegant fabrics to cover unsightly pieces of furniture like old tables
  • install storage units to organize household items
  • choose neutral colors and patterns that you can mix and match.

Of course, if you simply cannot remove your bears from the couch, than by all means, keep them and make no apologies. However, to update your style and convey a more sophisticated approach, make some of these changes for a great makeover project.

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