Running an Inground Sprinkler System Under a Sidewalk Running an Inground Sprinkler System Under a Sidewalk

For the homeowner who is expanding or installing an inground sprinkler system, there may be challenges of running lateral PVC pipes under a sidewalk. With the right tools and procedures you can do this without damaging or disfiguring the sidewalk. Here's how:

Things you'll need:

  • Pressure washer
  • Spray attachment
  • Spray attachment extension
  • Eye protection

Step 1 – Dig a Trench

At your sidewalk, dig a shallow trench about 12 inches deep with one end of the trench at the sidewalk. This will allow you to position the wand of your pressure washer when you turn it on.

Step 2 – Operating the Pressure Washer

Before turning on your pressure washer, be sure your eye goggles are in place over your eyes to keep flying debris from striking your eyes. Position your pressure washer wand so that it points toward the place beneath the sidewalk where you'll make your hole entrance.

Step 3 – Blasting out the Soil

Begin blasting water, creating a hole 12 inches below the bottom surface of your sidewalk. The hole should be no wider than 2 inches. Interrupt your blasting frequently to check the hole it's making. Remove any larger stones or debris that might block the hole. Make your hole incline slightly, so the water from the pressure washer will drain out of the hole.

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