Rust Stain Remover

Every household needs a good rust stain remover. The many metal objects in our homes and on our cars can sometimes create rust. In some cases, the rust gets on our clothes when we come in contact with these rusty objects. If you encounter rust, the cheapest and easiest method for a rust stain remover product is lemon juice; the acid reacts to dissolve the rust.

To use lemon juice as a rust stain remover place the stained cloth on well spread paper towels and then squeeze half the lemon juice on the spots making sure that it is in the highest concentration possible. The paper towels come in handy for they are used to absorb or blot the lemon juice avoid soiling the surface and eliminate the excess rust stain remover juice. After that dry the garment in the direct sun till it is completely dry then hand wash it scrubbing the stain spots thoroughly.

Alterative Rust Stain Remover

In absence of the lemons as a rust stain remover, you have several alternatives as;

• Vinegar which substitutes lemon juice very well and is used exactly as lemon juice; procedure is the same.
• You can use rhubarb stalks by cutting them in to one inch pieces and boiling them for about 10 to 15 minutes. Soak the stained clothing for up to 24 hours.
• Salt can also be used to rub on the stain and then being set in the sun for several hours.