Create Rustic Bathroom Lighting

rustic lighting

You can create a rustic bathroom lighting theme in order to have the warm and homely feel of a country cottage bathroom. Use natural items to create rustic bathroom lighting. Items such as wood, pinecones, animal antlers, and other natural objects can purchased from lighting stores. Unleash your creativity and make your own lighting fixtures. You can create a truly rustic bathroom lighting theme by using light bulbs in conjunction with antique candle holders, dried ferns, and pine cones.

Other Ideas

Antique lamps can also be used for rustic bathroom lighting. Install antique lamps made of brass for an elegant and quaint look. Typically described as simple and coarse, a rustic country look should nonetheless be charming and endearing.
Installation is easy if there are existing fixtures to remove. All you need to do is to ensure three basic steps, which are to remove the old fixture, replace the cross bar, and apply the new fixture to the mounting bar.