Rustic Low Cost Fencing Options

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When it comes to fencing, there is a myriad of options to choose from. Fences, like other hardscape elements, convey personality and can be purely for looks, function or both.

The fence you choose has a lot to do with both its employment, as well as the overall theme of your landscape. For instance, a fence to hold in a herd of cattle can be a lot more utilitarian than a fence to showcase your rose garden. Where durability or height is an issue, certain fences just don’t do the trick.

If you have a rustic theme, and you'd like to incorporate an attractive fence into your overall landscape design, there are many options. Here are some low-cost fence designs that are easy to build and won’t break your back or your bank.

Wooden Shutter Fence

Often found at yard sales or flea markets, wooden shutters provide a rustic charm when used as fence material. You can sand, paint or refinish the shutters in any way you desire as long as you use a weather-resistant material. After outlining the area for your fence, place wooden posts vertically into the ground as far apart as your shutter length. You can attach the shutters part way up the posts horizontally at the same level or on different levels to create an appealing and unique fence design. This also makes for a very sturdy fence.

Log and Twig Fence

A wattle, or woven log and twig fence screams rustic and is a lovely addition to any property. The first use of the woven twig fence was in medieval times. These fences were also commonplace in early America where they were used to enclose small livestock, gardens and orchards. Although this fence will not keep in a rambunctious herd of goats, it does make a lovely property divider or accent piece. You can use dry logs for the posts and smaller pieces of green wood, branches, and even suckers for the horizontal pieces, willow works great. Install the posts in the ground about 4 feet apart. Place some concrete in each hole for stability. Once your posts are set, weave the green pieces in between the posts until the desired look is achieved. If you desire more stability for the horizontal pieces, you can use 2-inch ring shank nails to attach the branches.

Live Bamboo Fence

If you love the look of bamboo blowing in the breeze, a live bamboo fence is just the thing for you. Bamboo fences are excellent for screening and can be tailored in any number of ways. My favorite bamboo fence is a live bamboo fence that is perfect for privacy around a deck or patio area. Create an underground cement planter to hold bamboo shoots. Because bamboo grows so quickly and tends to be somewhat aggressive, put concrete planting squares around the planting bed to prevent spread. Fill the planter with organic soil and place the bamboo shoots 2 feet apart. After a couple of years, you will have a fabulous privacy screen or secret hiding spot surrounded by beautiful bamboo. It makes a beautiful visual screen, and can keep out a cat or small dog, but won't keep a determined trespasser at bay.