RV Air Conditioner Parts: How to Repair a Broken Gasket RV Air Conditioner Parts: How to Repair a Broken Gasket

What You'll Need
New Gasket
Socket Wrench Set
Thin Plastic Scraper

There are several RV air conditioner parts that can be replaced, or repaired, while the owner is on the road. If the location where the RV air conditioner shows signs of a leak, then there is a good chance the gasket between the AC and the motor home needs replacing. Here are some simple steps to do this yourself.

Step 1: Turn Power Off

At the RV circuit board, turn the selector to 'Off' for the RV air conditioner.

Step 2: Remove Interior Trim

Use a screwdriver and remove the trim from the interior of the RV around the air conditioner unit. Remove the retaining bolts with a socket wrench.

Step 3: Remove AC Unit

Climb to the top of the RV and remove the plastic cover of the air conditioner. Use a socket wrench and unbolt the AC from the top of the motor home or camper. Lift the unit and set aside.

Step 4: Unhook Wiring and Remove Gasket

The wiring harness is simply unhooked from the AC unit. Pry the old gasket up from the surface of the roof with a plastic scraper. Clean the area and make sure there is none of the old gasket remaining.

Step 5: Replace Gasket

Set the new gasket in place. Make sure it is centered. Connect the wiring harness and set the AC back in place. Reinstall the bolts on the outside and interior.

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