RV Air Conditioner Parts: How to Repair a Gas Powered Heat Pump RV Air Conditioner Parts: How to Repair a Gas Powered Heat Pump

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When needing to troubleshoot or repair RV air conditioner parts, the gas-powered heat pump is a common problem. When you suspect an issue exists with the gas-powered heat pump on your RV air conditioner there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to try to repair your heat pump.

Step 1 – Check Thermostat

The first, and most commonly overlooked, step to repair an issue with a gas-powered heat pump is to check the settings. Your issue could be corrected as easily as making an adjustment to the thermostat settings. As well, you should also check your thermostat for dirt and debris that can cause it to misread temperature or function properly. Commonly, when a heat pump stops working the cause is a bad thermostat. Therefore, you should verify this is working properly and not the cause of the failure.

Step 2 – Filters

Gas-powered heat pumps can fail and require repair as a result of poor maintenance. When facing this issue and to prevent this issue, you need to regularly verify that the filters are clean and free from debris which can damage the heat pump.

Step 3 – Controls and Switches

The next step is to verify the functionality of the switches and controls of the heat pump. There are several controls and switches on an air conditioner and several relate directly to the heat pump. Frequently, one switch can be thrown causing your heat pump not to function. You need to verify that every switch is properly engaged to the on position before deciding to call in a professional to help with your heat pump repair.

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