RV Air Conditioner Parts: How to Repair a Shroud

What You'll Need
Epoxy Repair Kit
Water and Soap

When it comes to RV air conditioner parts, having a little knowledge of how to fix them can save you money while on the road. A simple thing like the shroud on the air conditioner can crack and cause a vibrating noise when the AC is in operation. Fixing these RV air conditioner parts is a very simple process with an epoxy kit.

Step 1: Disconnect Power to AC Unit

Before working around any RV air conditioner parts disconnect the power to it. This can mean unplugging the unit, or turning the fuse off.

Step 2: Clean Shroud of AC Unit

With some warm water and dish detergent wash down the AC shroud. This is an important step as the epoxy will not adhere to the shroud with dirt particles on it.

Step 3: Spread Epoxy on Shroud

Mix up the epoxy sealer according to the directions. Use a small plastic scraper and smooth the epoxy on the shroud where it is cracked. Make sure to apply the epoxy so it is smooth and blends in with the surrounding material.

Step 4: Apply Second Coat

Wait until the first coat is tacky to the touch and apply a second coat of epoxy. This second coat will not only finish off the look of the shroud, but also give it strength.