RV Air Conditioner Parts: How to Replace the Thermostat

What You'll Need
Volt tester
Utility knife
Electrical tape

Replacing RV air conditioner parts is relatively easy, and you do not have to be an expert to do the job well. To help you remove the air conditioner parts on your vehicle and replace the thermostat, here is what you need to do.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Thermostat

To remove the old thermostat, disconnect the RV battery, then unscrew the thermostat from its mount. Note the location of the wires connecting the thermostat to RV electrical system before you remove them. The hot wire is usually colored red, while the ground wire is either blue or black. Some types of thermostat may use other wire colors, so make use of your volt tester to identify the wires.

Step 2 – Connect the New Thermostat

Check the wiring system of the new thermostat and compare it with the wiring on the old thermostat. If you are using the same model and brand of thermostat, all you need to do is following the wiring patterns of the old thermostat. To do this, connect the wires of the same colors. For instance, the red wire on your new thermostat should be connected to the red wire on the thermostat mount, and so on. After connecting the wires, screw the thermostat on the mount and reconnect the RV battery.