RV Air Conditioner Parts: When to Replace Fan Blades

Knowing how to replace RV air conditioner parts is essential for when you are going on a long trip. It is important to stock up on a few different parts to make sure you can make repairs without having to locate them on the road. RV air conditioner parts can be hard to locate in some locations. Replacing these parts is an easy thing to do with the right tools. The hard part is knowing when to replace them. Here is a short guide to help determine when to replace the fan blades in the air conditioning unit.

Noisy Operation

If you notice a sound coming from the air conditioner when the fan is running, it will need to be changed. This noise mean that the fan blades are warped and are hitting the cowling or the vent. The fan could be warped from heat or have a build up of dirt that is causing it to wobble. 

Broken Blades

Usually, when a blade is broken, there is a problem with the shaft also. It could be warped, and that can cause the blade to hit the side of the housing and break. It will need to be replaced even if the shaft is replaced. The uneven weight can cause the motor to overwork and burn up.