RV Awning Repair - Patching a Large Tear

What You'll Need
Towel or rags for drying
Measuring tape
Pencil or piece of chalk
Small brush
Water-based cleaning solution (no oils or silicone)
Matching awning fabric
Adhesive (rated for outdoor use)

One of the first repairs you might have to make to your RV is an RV awning repair. Your awning makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors when you are on the road.  But it takes a beating from the elements and can develop a hole or slit.  A windy day can make that rip into a large tear.

Temporary Repair

You can temporarily repair the rip with RV awning repair tape. You can get this from your RV supplies dealer. You can also use tent repair tape from a camping store. Clean the area to be repaired. Then you simply tape over the tear on the front and back of the awning. This works well for small rips and holes. If the tear is longer than about a yard you may want to consider replacing the awning completely. A large tear is harder to fix for any length of time with repair tape.

When you are ready for a permanent fix it is not too difficult to repair your awning.  

Step 1 – Remove the Awning

Take the awning down from its brackets and place on a clean flat surface. Tilt it down on one side to let any water run off of the awning.

Step 2 – Clean the Awning

Clean the area to be patched on the awning on the front and back sides with the cleaning solution. Remove any mold on the awning as it can spread. Dry the area using a towel or rags and let sit until completely dry.

Step 3 – Prepare the Patch

Take the awning fabric and match it up to the torn area. If there is a pattern be sure to match the pattern carefully.  Make sure the patch covers the entire torn area. Measure carefully. Mark the awning fabric to be cut with a pencil or piece of chalk. Cut two patches that are the same dimensions (one for each side of the awning).

Step 4 – Apply the Patch

Place the awning on a flat clean surface. Brush on the adhesive on one patch and place it over the torn area. Turn the awning over. Apply adhesive to the other patch and line it up with the first patch. Press together and let dry.

Prevent Future Problems

To avoid a large tear be sure to repair any small holes or tears as they appear. A small patch of awning tape is quick and easy to do and will lengthen the life of your RV awing. Of course the best way to prevent damage to the awning is to roll it up if you suspect bad weather.

Your awning is now ready for the season. And you have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself and saved money. Happy travels!