RV Awning Repair - Removing the Torsion Assembly

What You'll Need
Drill and bits
Rubber inner tube
Working gloves

RV awning repair can be quite a challenging job especially when the problem is on the torsion assembly. The torsion assembly of your RV awning consists of the cam lock mechanism, the spring and end lock that are held to the awning by two rivets. The torsion assembly needs to be removed from its place before you can repair it. To remove the torsion assembly and repair your RV awning, here is what you should do.


    Step 1 – Locate the Torsion Assembly

    The torsion assembly is located at the tube of the awning and held in place by two rivets. To remove the torsion assembly, you need to release the spring and drill out the rivets.

    Step 2 – Release the spring

    The spring on your RV awning packs considerable amount of tension so you need to be extra careful when removing it. To control the spring tension, clamp a strong pair of vice grips unto the awning arm. You may put rubber lining or rubber inner tube on the jaws of the vice grip to prevent it from scratching the metal when you release the spring. Once the vice grip is securely in place, push the spring firmly with your gloved hand and release the cotter pin that is holding the spring in place. Keep your hand on the spring as you release the cotter pin and do not let do suddenly or the spring might pop up and damage the fabric of your RV awning. To release the tension from the spring, allow the spring to unwind slowly by easing the pressure of your hand on top of it.

    Step 2 – Drill Out the Rivets

    After releasing the spring on your RV awning, you may now work on removing the rivets. Before you attempt to drill the rivets out, mark their locations first to may it easier for you to reassemble the torsion latter on. To drill out the rivets that are holding the torsion assembly, use a 1/8” drill bit. If the rivets are corroded, put some lubricant on the rivets then tap the rivets one by one to loosen them up. After loosening the corrosion that binds the rivets to the metal of the RV awning, drill the rivets out one by one. After drilling the out, you may now remove the end cap and the cam lock mechanism.

    Step 3 – Remove the End Cap and the Cam Lock Mechanism

    The end cap and the cam lock mechanism are attached to the torsion shaft with pins. To remover the end cap, drive out the pin using a hammer and a punch. Be careful not to drive the pins too hard or you might cause damage on the torsion. If the pins are corroded, put some lubricant on the pins and let it stand for about an hour before you attempt to drive them out with your hammer and punch. Be careful not to hit the cam lock mechanism when you drive the pins out of the end cap.