RV Awning Repair - Troubleshooting The Problem

While on a long road with the whole family for several days, expect to do RV awning repair every now and then. Although most types of RV awnings are durable, a lot of things can go wrong with your awning, especially if you travel through areas with bad weather conditions. To troubleshoot problems with your RV awning, here are some repair tips for you.

Retractable Awning Fail

If your battery operated retractable awning fails, test the batteries for power. If your batteries do not have enough power to retract the awning, recharge or replace the batteries as necessary. When using solar power to charge your batteries. If the batteries are dead and you cannot find suitable replacements, you will need to retract your awning manually. To do this, undo the straps on the awning , and then loosen the tension arm latch. Lower the tension arm latch then push the awning into travel position. Make sure that the awning fabrics do not get caught in between the rods when you roll the awning into position to avoid ripping it. Once the awning is in travel position, roll up the awning tightly then strap it in place. Make sure that the travel knobs on the awning are securely locked before you hit the road.

Sagging Canopy

Sagging canopy is one of the common problems you may encounter with your RV awning. If your RV awning canopy sags in some areas, check the rivets that are holding the torsion assembly in place. Broken rivets are those that no longer have heads. Replace all broken rivets and put the torsion assembly in the right position. If the canvas still sags, even after you replaced the broken rivets and put the torsion assembly in the right position, install some polls horizontally in strategic areas of the awning then pull the canvass in place. Do not prop the sagging areas of the canopy posts to avoid causing damage on the canvas. 

Another way to do away with sagging canopy is to use the Awnbrella technology on your RV awning. The Awnbrella blows up the canvas of your RV canopy to eliminate sagging. However, the downside of using the Awnbrella is that you will need to carry with you extra poles to hold the canvas in place. You will also have to spend extra time to install the poles whenever you use your RV awning.

Ripped Canopy

If your canopy has small rips in some areas, you may repair it using industrial adhesive tape. To do this, simply apply the tape on the rips to seal them off. On the other hand, if your canopy is ripped beyond repair, you need to replace the canvas with a new one. To do this, remove the torsion assembly on the RV awning then slide the old canvas off the awning tube. After removing the old canvas, slip the new canvas into the awning tube then tuck the ends of the canvas on the tube. After tucking the canvas in place, reinstall the torsion assembly using new rivets.