RV Entry Door Replacement Made Easy

Replacing an RV entry door can be a challenging task because of the nature of the vehicle. Most manufacturers do not make standard door sizes, and this is what makes it hard to procure one. However, if you do manage to get one that fits your RV, it is not very hard to go about changing it.

Remove the Old Door

You need to remove the old door by carefully dismantling it from the frame. Do this by removing all screws one by one. As most RVs are built as a single unit, this particular step may take you longer, but it will be worth it in the end.

Use Putty Tape

Once the old door is out of the way, there will be a larger hole in lieu of the old door. The new door should include the frame that can even cover this hole. Secure the door frame and the wall using at least one layer of putty tape.

Screw In Bolts

Now, all that is left is to bolt in the door using screwdrivers, and use a plastic scrapper to remove excess tape. Bolting the new door in is easy and should not take you very long.

Check Door's Swing

If you did everything right, then the door should be able to swing freely without any inhibition. If the door size was wrong or if there was a problem with the frame, then you may need to re-do the previous steps.