RV Floor Plans: How to Install New Carpet RV Floor Plans: How to Install New Carpet

What You'll Need
Tack strips
New carpet
Razor blade
Carpet knife
Floor padding
Spray adhesive

A new carpet installation is an important part of RV floor plans. You will only need a few household tools to install the carpet. RV models differ, but the carpet installation process remains somewhat the same.

Step 1 – Purchasing the Carpet and Padding

Make sure that you purchase a good quality carpet that is resistant to ordinary wear and tear. Your carpet will have to endure foot traffic, erratic weather, spills and muddy shoes. Most people decide to install a carpet which has a short grain because you can also purchase it at an affordable price. Do not forget to purchase some floor padding to install between the new carpet and the old flooring.

Step 2 – Removing the Old Carpet

Be careful when you remove the old carpet. Use a crowbar to pull it out from its place. Do not remove the tack strips. Roll the old carpet and throw it away in an appropriate way.

Use a broom to sweep the floor and clear away any staples and dust on the surface of the floor. Remove any residue and glue from the floor with 600-grit sandpaper. After clearing away the glue, clean the floor again using a mop. Let the surface of your floor dry completely.

Step 3 – Cutting the Padding

Take the floor padding and unroll it onto the floor of your RV, then use a razor blade or carpet knife to cut it according to the size of your floor. Keep an extra perimeter of 2 inches around the padding so that the carpet will fit neatly beneath the tack strips. Apply spray adhesive to the floor and the floor padding’s underside. Now fix the padding to the floor and make sure that it sticks securely to the floor. Walk on the floor a few times to make sure that it has settled.

Step 4 – Installing the Carpet

Take the new carpet and unroll it onto the floor of your RV. Cut it with a razor blade or carpet knife so that it fits the measurements of the floor. Apply some heavy-duty spray adhesive to the underside of the carpet and attach the new carpet to the floor padding located underneath.

If you still have the tack strips on the floor, put the carpet under them and then fix the carpet firmly with the tack strips. Finish by walking on the carpet yourself or letting someone else walk for you so that you can check for accuracy. The walking will apply more pressure onto the carpet so that it sticks better to the floor padding under it. Let the glue dry thoroughly for approximately 48 hours.

If you no longer have tack strips, you can purchase them at your local home improvement store. Establish where the strips will go before you install your carpet. Then, install them so they provide a finished carpet look.

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