Safe Lawn Fertilizer to Use


Awareness is fast growing about the dangers of using chemical fertilizers to make lawns greener and fuller. More and more people are resorting to organic or safe lawn fertilizer which does not harm the water table and the health and safety of families and their pets.

It is true that chemical fertilizer induces rapid growth and greener grass in less time than organic fertilizer, but the chemical nitrogen which makes this possible also makes the grass addicted and dependent on chemicals to the point where it will not function without it, not to mention, as stated before, all the damage chemicals do to your health and the environment.

Ready Mix or Homemade

There are two types of organic fertilizer: those which you can buy ready mixed from a garden center and the homemade liquefied compost. Do not buy fertilizers that have inert matter listed in their ingredients because they usually are poisonous chemical composites.


Fertilizer should be used in combination with watering, two or three times each growing season.

No Waste

Natural fertilizers are water-insoluble, so there is a slow release of the vitamins and minerals they provide, and this is beneficial for the lawn because there is no excessive growth spurt which will deplete its carbohydrate reserve. Therefore, it gets what it needs without waste.


Decomposition is increased because organic fertilizers provide abundant microorganisms to enrich the soil. Soil treated with organic fertilizers is not acidic. Therefore, it is a welcoming habitat to earthworms and fungi and the microscopic life whose job it is to enrich the soil and give life to lush lawn grass.


In proportion to other nutrients, there is a more moderate amount of nitrogen in organic fertilizer than in chemical ones, and this provides for a strong root system with no dependency or root burn.

Pet Safety

Pets will try to munch grass, and organic fertilizer is no danger to their health because the whole system is in its natural state, and there are no dangerous chemicals to harm them.


To keep weeds at bay, when mowing the lawn, leave the grass long so it will retain its strength and keep all its necessary nutrients. It will grow longer and thicker roots because it will have a larger surface area for the photosynthesis of sugar and starches, and this helps lessen the growth of weeds. Leave the grass clippings where they fall for further decomposition.

Safe organic fertilizer costs a bit more than chemical fertilizer, and it is slower to take effect. However, it is well worth the cost and the wait because not only will you have a healthy, lush, green lawn. Most important of all, you will have peace of mind that you and your family are living in a benign environment in which there is no risk to anybody’s health and safety.

If you would like to try and use a homemade fertilizer instead of getting a ready-mixed product, there are many websites that explain the procedure of creating organic fertilizer.