Safe Roof Snow Removal

What You'll Need
Snow shovel
Winter clothing
Push broom
Rock salt
A snow jacket and warm gloves
Slip-resistant snow boots

Roof snow removal becomes necessary when it snows heavily. Too much snow accumulated on a roof can cause it to cave in, resulting in serious damage to life and property. Cleaning the roof snow is a dangerous job. You need to take some safety precautions and work in pairs under expert guidelines.

A saturated snow can cave your roof in and can damage everything from antiques to family photos. It can cause flooding in your kitchen and other rooms. If the snow on your roof doesn't cave in, it can still damage the roof while melting. Water causes severe damage such as warping or rotting of roofs, ceilings and infrastructure. Water damage leaves telltale signs such as ugly brown stains throughout your home.

Here are some guidelines for effectively removing snow from your roof top.

Step 1 - Remove Snow from the Roof

Wear a warm jacket, gloves and spiked shoes. Use a roof rake; add a rake extender to it if needed. Stand away from the roof at a safe distance in order to avoid snow falling from the roof. Place the rake on the roof and pull it by moving from far away if possible. After pulling, the snow will slide off from the roof. 

Climb on the roof with a ladder and using a scoop with a long handle to pull the roof snow off. Don't do it alone, as it's a tiring job and you will need someone to hold the ladder. Start pulling the snow from top to bottom. 

Step 2 - Leave a Thin Coat of Snow

Leave a thin coat of snow on the roof to protect your roof surface from damage. 

Step 3 - Use a Snow Cutter

For removing deep crusts, icy or heavy snow, use a snow cutter. You can also use the snow cutter for removing small sections of snow. It is the easiest and safest way to remove snow from your roof as compared to the use of a scoop and shovel. 

Step 4 - Use a Roof Razor

You can also use a roof razor as an alternative to a snow cutter. A roof razor’s double cutting surface finely removes the snow from the roof, leaving behind a thin layer of snow that protects the roof from getting damaged. You have to push the head of the razor and pull down the snow to the ground. 

It's advisable to remove the snow in small sections every day. It will be much easier than removing the entire snow load from the roof. Use tools such as scoops or a shovel for snow removal.