Safely Build Your Own Fire Pit Table

While you can purchase a fire pit table made of metal or with ceramic tile table tops, you can easily construct your own and place a fire pit bowl in the center. Bowls can be purchased at almost any large home improvement center or outdoor entertainment retailer.

Building the Fire Pit Table

  • Lumber
  • Fire Pit Bowl
  • Stones or Cinder Blocks
  • Cement (must not have any adhesives in it)

Step 1 - Purchase the lumber for your table. The most popular types of wood for outdoor tables are pressure treated wood, redwood and cedar. You want a wood that is insect and water resistant.

Step 2 - Build your table. A simple design is best, particularly if this is an experimental project or if you are not sure how often you will use your fire pit table.

Step 3 - In the center of the table, place a layer of cement at least 2 inches thick. Surround this cement with the stones or cinder blocks in the design you want. Spread cement between the stone or cinder block joints. You will place the fire pit bowl in the center of this surround.

Step 4
- Fill the fire pit bowl with wood and other burning materials and start the fire. As the fire is burning, check to make sure that the stones or cinder blocks are held in place and that the table is safely protected from the heat of the fire by the cement surround.

Benefits of Fire Pits

One of the most obvious benefits to having a fire pit table is that it allows for entertainment and conversation outdoors even when the weather has turned cooler. Family members and guests can continue talking into the evening, roasting marshmallows or simply keeping warm as the evening cools.

Also, a fire pit table allows for more comfort than a fire ring or regular campfire. Since the fire is located in the center of a table, guests can sit in chairs—even guests with back troubles that may prevent them from standing or sitting on the ground.

Finally, the fire pit table is easier to keep clean and safer than a traditional fire pit ring. Since the fire is elevated, it is less likely to be in direct contact with combustible materials like grass, leaves or other debris that might catch fire. And also since the pit is elevated, it is easy to remove ashes and rinse with vinegar for cleaning.

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