Safely Hanging a Hammock Chair Indoors in 5 Steps Safely Hanging a Hammock Chair Indoors in 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Ice pick hammer
Hammer and nail
Drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit
2 x 3/8 inch threaded eye bolts
2 x 3/8 inch threaded anchor bolts

Fewer things in life bring more pleasure than lying in a hammock as the world drifts by. A hammock can be easily hung to provide a safe and secure installation. 


Step One - Location

We generally think of a hammock chair as an outdoor feature. The truth is that just as much fun and enjoyment can be had from an indoor hammock. Hammocks can vary in size, so the first thing to do is mark two points on the opposite walls where your hammock can sit correctly. There should be a clearance of about 3 to 4 feet between the hammock and the floor. This may seem like a sizeable distance but remember that your body weight will force it closer to the floor. 

Step Two- Anchor Bolts

The hammock will hang from the two eye bolts. These must be fitted into a concrete wall, as plasterboard or similar structures will be unable to bear excessive weight. Drill into the walls at the points already marked using the 1/4 inch bit. Drill deep enough so that the anchor bolts can be pushed into the holes and sit flush against the wall. Anchor bolts are particularly safe in taking excessive weights because they flare open when placed under pressure to provide a firmer grip to the interior of a wall. 

Step Three – Eye Bolts

Once the anchor bolts are in place, take the two eye bolts and screw them into each of the two anchor bolt threads. To ensure a tight contact, place a small metal bar or similar object through the eye to create extra torque. Tighten thoroughly. 

Step Four – Attach S-Hook and Hammock

Take the S-hooks and attach them to the eye bolts. These will hang loosely until the hammock is attached. Take the hammock and attach it to the remaining part of the S-hook. Repeat on both sides of the hammock so that it hangs from the wall by itself. 

Step Five - Safety Check

Make sure that the hammock is secure before jumping in. Give it a few firm tugs to be certain the anchor bolts have gripped effectively and test the hammock by adding a progressive series of flat, heavy objects to weigh-test the installation. It is wise to periodically check the hammock fittings to make sure the anchor bolts and eye bolts are still in a secure position. 

A hammock can be also hung from ceiling beams instead of two walls. The same process can be used to carry out this task, but attention must be paid to make sure the anchor bolts are fitted into a structural part of the ceiling. Hammock stands can also make an excellent alternative.

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