Safely Installing A Porch Swing

What You'll Need
Hanging kit
Wood Screws
Screw Hooks
Swing Seats
Power Drill
A Friend

A porch swing can easily become the focal point of your porch. It can provide family enjoyment and peace to any home. Having it installed safely will ensure years of safe enjoyment for you and your family.:

Step 1- Placement

The right placement for the swing is important. You need to find a spot where there is enough height available to support the chains and wide enough to be able to swing without bumping in to anything. Additionally you need to make sure that the swing will have enough support above it to withstand the weight of not only the swing, but the people who will swing on it. Be sure to measure as you are deciding where to place the swing.

Step 2- Buy a Kit

You can find a swing hanging kit at almost any hardware supply store. You can get these for relatively cheap, but make sure you aren’t putting price over safety. The components in the kit should be made of galvanized steel and the chains included need to be heavy duty as well. Skimping on these items may save you a few dollars, but it may not support the weight of the swing and could ultimately cause damage to your home and injuries to your family.

Step 3- Prepare the Beams

Locate a beam above that has at least an eight foot clearance. This will allow you plenty of space to install the swing with enough clearance at the bottom to allow for smooth swinging. Use your power drill to drill two pilot holes. These holes will be where you end up placing the two hooks that will support the swing. Drilling a pilot hole first will help prevent the beam from splintering or cracking as you place a larger hole in it later. With the pilot holes in place you can place the hooks in the beam.

Step 4- Hang the Chains

You will want to place two chains on each hook. One chain will hook to the front part of the swing, and the other on the back. This will give the swing the support it needs to operate safely. Make sure you are hanging your chains with both enough clearance to swing without crashing in to anything and at a height that is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. If you hang a seven foot chain from an 8 foot beam this will allow you the room needed at the bottom.

Step 5-  Secure the Hardware

Start to secure all the hardware to the wood. Be sure to use chain connectors for extra security. Make sure all the hardware is in place and is tight before moving on.

Step 6- Hang Your Swing

This is where you need your friend. Have the friend help you lift the swing up as you attach the swing chains to the hooks. You will need to get on a ladder to do this. Place the chains on the hooks, and make sure they are even with each other.

Now that the swing is up, you can test it out to make sure it holds up. Once you know it’s secure you can begin to enjoy your new porch swing.