Safely Mixing And Using High Strength Concrete

High strength concrete is especially popular for complicated construction projects that require more strength than standard concrete. Mixing a high strength concrete isn’t complicated in itself as long as you know what you’re doing and follow close guidelines. Here are a few tips.

Decide on a Ratio

The ratio of additive to wet concrete mix you choose is entirely determined by the additive product you are using and the application of the concrete. Additives are used in concrete to slow the dry time. A slower dry time is useful in projects that require a heavier concrete. The longer the dry time, the more dense the concrete will be. To find the ratio that is necessary for your project you should refer to the American Concrete Institutes (ACI) website for suggestions. The ratio is important because it can affect the overall safety of the finished product.

Density Requirements

When you start looking for additives for your concrete you will have many options. The type you need will depend entirely on the application for which you will be using the concrete. For example, fly ash will help the concrete form a more finished look and will slow down the drying time to make the concrete stronger. For a less dense concrete, you can use slag instead.

Allow for Testing

After you have chosen an additive and a ratio, mix a small amount to test for strength and appearance. It will usually take anywhere from 20 to 60 days for curing. If you don’t have time to wait, make sure you are following all the recommendations set forth by the ACI for safety and strength.