Safety Concerns for an Electric Fireplace Heater

An electric fireplace heater can be a safe and effective way to heat a single room. There are, however, certain safety issues to keep in mind when using an electric fireplace heater which are highlighted below for your consideration.

Remove Objects Near the Fireplace

While these heaters do not emit soot or embers, they still should be placed a good distance from potentially flammable objects. While most are well insulated, a short in the wiring could potentially start a fire and any items in close proximity could become aflame.

Teach Children Heater Safety

Electric fireplace heaters do generate high temperatures and many can cause burns if touched. Children should be taught to treat these types of heaters like a fireplace. As mentioned above, the heaters can still cause potential fire hazards and educating your children about these hazards is essential for their safety. Also, for smaller children who may not be able to understand your instructions, place a firescreen in front of the heater to prevent any mishaps.

Electrical Precautions

As with any electrical appliance, keep liquids away from the fireplace. When you wish to remove the heater, pull the cord from the wall by grabbing the plug and not by simply tugging at it from a distance. Also, if you notice any frayed wiring, replace it before using the fireplace. Additionally, always be sure the safety cover is in place before the heater is turned on.