Safety Concerns Surrounding Wind Turbine Generators Safety Concerns Surrounding Wind Turbine Generators

Wind turbine generators are a good alternative source of energy.  Wind energy, after all, is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. The U.S. Department of Energy says that these wind turbine generators are reliable and safe to use. It would be best to be knowledgeable about the different things you may experience with wind turbine generators so that you will know how to handle these.

Ice Shedding

Ice can form on wind turbines as the years go by. In order to not pose a safety hazard, it is best if you space the turbines properly apart. Make sure that they are located in an area that is uninhabited. You can also coat the wind turbines with ice inhibiting chemicals to prevent the formation of ice.

Blade Throws

According to the Department of Energy, wind turbine generators are not equipped with blade throws. The reason for this is because of the operating systems that the turbines utilize, as well as the mechanics of the turbine, the sensors, and the style of construction that the wind turbines used.


Wind turbine generators may also have an effect on sound and health. Recent studies and reports for the American and Canadian Wind Energy Association suggests this notion. There are no direct negative effects that spring from the sound of the wind turbine generators, nor is the sound that is emitted unusual or troubling. They do, however, give off a noise that some people may find bothersome or annoying. That is the only negative effect of the noise coming from wind turbines.

Electromagnetic Safety

Be aware that wind turbine generators give off electromagnetic fields due to the production of electricity. In order to prevent any safety hazards or harm, make sure that the location of the wind turbine generator is in a room or area of your house that is uninhabited as previously suggested. Also, take all necessary precautionary measures when it comes to electromagnetic safety standards with regards to dealing with wind turbine generators.


Be sure that your wind turbine generator is certified. This is an important requirement according to the Texas’ State Energy Conservation Office. If you lack the certification to install and operate the wind turbine generator in your home, office, or building, this will hinder the development of wind generation. Certification is also important for safety purposes. The Small Wind Certification Working Group is working hand in hand with the Department of Energy to promote the development and requirement of certification for wind turbine generators.

Turbine Failure

Another important thing that you should be aware of is that some wind turbine manufacturers do not test the wind turbine generators prior to shipping them off to people who purchase them. Also, wind turbines are only capable of handling a certain speed of wind. If you live in an area where winds are too strong for your wind turbine generator, this may cause complications and may even damage the unit. 

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