Safety Concerns With a Frameless Glass Shower Door

glass shower door is one of the finest options for enclosures, especially if it is frameless. Frameless glass shower doors are a more sophisticated choice compared to shower curtains. The glass doors are also easier to clean and are a lot more durable. You get more lighting inside the shower stall, and you also do not have to worry about the water leaking out.

Why Go Frameless?

There are two options to choose from when selecting your glass shower door. You can have it framed or frameless. Framed doors come with aluminum placed on all the panel sides. This aluminum siding cannot be found on the frameless doors. Instead, the hinges and handles are directly placed on the glass.

One reason to go for the frameless kind is that they make the room look bigger and more open. You also do not have to deal with the aluminum part getting dirty and grimy. The frameless doors are especially helpful if you have a decorative shower wall that you want to show off. Some people use beautiful ceramic or pebble tiles on their bathroom walls, and these are too pretty to be hidden by the door frames.

The glass is also made thicker and more durable since it lacks the metal protection.

Safety Concerns

While there are plenty of advantages to having a frameless glass shower door, some people shy away from these because of what they perceive to be safety concerns. People say that the tempered glass, because it is subjected to a lot of heat prior to installation, can explode after obtaining just a tiny crack or scratch. The heating process makes the glass resistant to direct force, but a lot weaker against side force. It means that a tiny side fracture can make the door crack after a couple of hours or days after sustaining it.

Answers to Safety Concerns

Experts say that frameless glass doors are no more dangerous than the framed ones. Most people think the opposite because they are hindered by the lack of protective frame barrier. The facts say otherwise. The tempering process makes the glass more durable and safer. If it does break, it would be in small pieces and would, therefore, not cause serious injury. The glass edges are smoothed, so you do not have to worry about being cut by these.

If you care about the safety of those in your home, make sure that you never purchase shower glass doors of inferior quality. Most of the accidents and disasters happen when you use low quality compression hinges. See to it that you handle the door well and never slam it shut.

It also helps to take preventive measures. For instance, you should hire a professional to do the installation for you. They are better aware of the safety procedures required to do this. You should periodically check for cracks or chips on the glass.

There is no need to be concerned about the safety of your frameless shower door as long as you take proper care of it and make sure to purchase quality materials.