Safety Guidelines to Follow for Your Loft Bedroom

A loft bedroom is the most appropriate solution for transforming high-ceiling areas into space you can use while saving space on the ground floor. If you own a larger place, the loft bedroom can be a secondary spare bedroom. However, if your place is small, the loft bedroom can be the perfect solution for saving room and turning it into a nice place to live. Given the height and the absence of at least one wall, you should follow some safety guidelines to avoid potential accidents. This task is not as difficult as it might seem; it just needs some consideration and planning.

Strengthening Loft Bedroom Floor

If you decide a loft bedroom is the best solution for your house or apartment, you should consider the floors and their support. The floor should be made of a resistant material and you should use metal support beams for the structure.

According to the space you have on the ground floor, you should decide where you want to place the support pillars. Have them made of resistant material. You should consult a specialist to make sure you are using the best materials.

Access to the Loft Bedroom

The loft bedroom needs access. This is usually provided by stairways or ladders. Due to the lack of space, many owners prefer the straight stairways, but if you want or need to save even more space, you can use a ladder.

Beware that ladders are not that safe and you are more exposed to accidents. If possible, you should also create a loft bathroom so that you don’t need to go downstairs.

When planning the access to your loft bedroom, make sure you have enough room for the head. The stairs should be made of resistant materials (wood, metal) and large enough to be easily climbed.

Loft Bedroom Balustrade

If you are planning an open loft bedroom you should consider compensating for the missing walls with balustrades. Balustrades prevent accidents, especially in small lofts. They increase your safety and also contribute to the appearance of the entire place.

These can be made of various materials to best suite the interior of your house. You can opt for wood, wrought iron or any other material that is both strong enough to prevent falling and also matches your house.

Loft Bedroom Furniture

Usually, loft bedrooms do not have much space. Therefore, it is not recommended to add too much furniture. The main reason for that is the limited space, as you wouldn’t like to get up in the morning and hit different pieces of furniture on your way downstairs.

You should also take into consideration the load and the support pillars you build. If you are not certain on how resistant they are, you should not venture in adding more weight than they can support. You should try to keep your loft bedroom furniture to the minimum and try to buy furniture made of light materials, just to be on the safe side.