Safety Precautions for Handling Paint Stripper

A man uses paint stripper.

Everyone knows that paint stripper is dangerous. If it wasn’t dangerous, it wouldn’t be able to do what it does. There are a few common-sense precautions you can use when working with or around paint stripper.

Respiratory Care

Paint stripper is a volatile organic chemical. This means among other things that it’s flammable. When using it or working near it, you should take all common-sense measures to keep the fumes from being ignited. It also means you should only use it in a well-ventilated area. A respirator mask is highly recommended. If you can’t get one, then at least a high filtration particulate mask is in order.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is defined as any piece of clothing or equipment that is required to prevent or minimize bodily harm. This includes eye protection like safety glasses, but a mask or goggles are better in protecting against splashes.

Make sure you are also wearing protective clothing. Long sleeves and pants are important, especially for those with sensitive skin. If your exposure to the paint stripper is going to be for longer periods of time, you should wear gloves to protect your skin from burning and rashes.