Safety Tips for Using a Toe Kick Saw

Toe-kick saws—used to cut flooring under the lip of floor cabinets—are known for their strong kickback when cutting through flooring and nails. Kickback happens when a blade stalls and the motor reaction causes the saw to lift up and out towards the operator. Follow these safety tips when using a toe-kick saw:

Put on Your Safety Gear

Safety glasses will keep dust and debris out of your eyes; ear protection will minimize damage to your hearing; and gloves will give you a better grip on the powerful toe-kick saw and prevent splinters from injuring your hands.

Check Your Tool

Inspect the toe-kick saw thoroughly before use. Your toe-kick saw should have a sharp, undamaged carbide-tipped blade for easier cutting and less kickback. Check to make sure all nuts, bolts and screws are tight.

Keep Two Hands on the Saw

Hold the toe-kick saw correctly. Firmly grip the saw with both hands—left hand on the forward handle and right hand on the rear handle—and position your body and arms so that you can better resist the kickback.

Saw Away from Your Body

Turn on the saw and move it forward and away from your body to complete a cut. Never try to pull the saw backward away from the work while the blade is in motion; release the power trigger and wait until the saw blade stops spinning completely and then move on to your next cut.